Is an Open Book Policy Right for Your Business?

How Our Open Book Policy Drives Benefits to Customers

Open book policies are a powerful tool if used to drive benefits.

Supply Chain Solutions offers an Open Book Policy, which means you can view data and financial information relating to costs incurred in any part of the supply chain.

Our open-book policy allows us to review our customers’ activity and understand their business, so we can work together to ensure costs are minimized and operations are optimized wherever possible. It also allows us to be transparent with our customers, with no hidden amounts whatsoever, building a relationship of trust from day one.

How Our Open Book Policy Drives Benefits to Customers:

Negotiations are transparent and collaborative
All costs are developed in a transparent manner with no hidden amounts. The collaborative nature of an open-book policy includes confidential disclosure of all details, so you won’t need to worry about that part.

Price complies with contract
The development of costs and pricing must be realistic and fair for both SCS and the customer. The more we work together from the beginning, the better your numbers and bottom-line results will be.

Informed decision-making
The long-term benefits of an open-book policy can translate into decision-making with full visibility for both parties, resulting in improved communication, better results, and more efficiency.

Measurable gains in cost-reduction and business optimization
With full supply chain and financial visibility, our specialists can analyze your operation and offer solutions that you will be able to measure; not only in the amount of dollars saved but also time-management, business optimization, and more.

Risk Control
In this disruptive era, we are constantly implementing strategies to manage risks along the supply chain with a continuous risk-assessment, and that reduces your vulnerability.

Relationship of Trust
Mutual trust is the foundation of collaborative delivery. An open-book policy provides a constructive relationship that benefits both parties when it is well executed. We have been doing this for over 15 years, and we know it works!

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